Covid Protect Certification

Developed by OTC in order to build assurance with respect to:

  • Healthy and safe work environment
  • Customer and visitor safety in the facilities
  • Uninterrupted business activity

Covid Protect can be applied to:

  • Food stores;
  • Malls;
  • Restaurants, cafés, catering;
  • Fitness saloons and sport centers, pubs, clubs;
  • Schools and kindergartens;
  • Hotels;
  • Companies transporting people and goods;
  • Training centers;
  • Public services.


The certification procedure and the Covid Protect logo help the organization to:

  • Verify its commitment to provide products and services safe from exposure to corona virus (Covid-19) threats;
  • Demonstrate its commitment to enact a set of measures to heighten the awareness of employees, business partners, customers and visitors about the available methods and resources for environmental protection;
  • Increase trust by customers, visitors and all concerned parties.

Certification scheme for 1 year

Certification categories



Number of audits

1 certification audit and 1 surveillance audit

1 certification audit and 3 surveillance audits

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